The global leader in online self-service support

Helping your customers outsmart technology

Connected experience

Improve support KPIs in weeks. Deliver a customer experience that improves NPS, FCR, CSAT, PRS & more.

Care content optimization

We combine data from online & offline touchpoints to consistently improve the customer experience.

Maximize innovation

We help large companies innovate at the speed of start-ups. Start small. Think big. Scale fast.

Upskill your agents

Turn new agents into experts in no time with targeted onboarding & accelerated learning techniques.

Cut costs with effective self-service support

Qelp is the global leader in online self-service support for any product or service. We deliver:

  • Effective online support, consistent across all channels
  • Current & easy to use content, available on the official launch for every new product or service
  • The latest tools & technology to create, optimize and future-proof support
  • Smart tools & content to empower your agents

How Pearson improved customer experience (CX) with effective self-service support

The challenge:

  • Ineffective support content & optimization processes
  • Low Problem Resolution Score
  • High costs driven by large volume avoidable support calls


  • From concept to launch in 5 weeks
  • Improved Problem Resolution Score – from 15% to 70%
  • $1.4 million saved in the first 3 weeks – deflected support calls
  • Increased organic traffic
  • Higher customer satisfaction and NPS
  • Reduced workload for agents

Eliminate silos with Intelligent Customer Experience (ICX)

Combining strategy, technology & innovation

By connecting systems, data and teams, we turn ambitious customer care strategies into seamless customer experiences. From strategic consulting to solution architecture and optimization, we support you at every step of the process.

Combining effective in-house content production with scalable digital capabilities and strategic expertise enable us to resolve disconnected customer journeys. Making sure that our partners communicate with a consistent voice.