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Connected experience

Improve support KPIs in weeks. Deliver a customer experience that improves NPS, FCR, CSAT, PRS & more.

Care content optimization

We combine data from online & offline touchpoints to consistently improve the customer experience.

Maximize innovation

We help large companies innovate at the speed of start-ups. Start small. Think big. Scale fast.

Upskill your agents

Turn new agents into experts in no time with targeted onboarding & accelerated learning techniques.

Cut costs with effective self-service support

Qelp is the global leader in online self-service support for any product or service. We deliver:

  • Effective online support, consistent across all channels
  • Current & easy to use content, available on the official launch for every new product or service
  • The latest tools & technology to create, optimize and future-proof support
  • Smart tools & content to empower your agents

How Pearson improved customer experience (CX) with effective self-service support

The challenge:

  • Ineffective support content & optimization processes
  • Low Problem Resolution Score
  • High costs driven by large volume avoidable support calls


  • From concept to launch in 5 weeks
  • Improved Problem Resolution Score – from 15% to 70%
  • $1.4 million saved in the first 3 weeks – deflected support calls
  • Increased organic traffic
  • Higher customer satisfaction and NPS
  • Reduced workload for agents