Mobile operators have a big opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competition with the use of innovative online customer service tools. Recent research shows that the number of consumers searching on the Internet first when they have a smartphone issue is growing rapidly to over 25% this year. This growth is a clear indication of the changing habit among customers, moving from the calling the call center to a preference for online selfservice. Therefore easy to find and up-to-date selfservice channels are crucial for any mobile operator. 

Alcatel-Lucent surveyed 5,500 smartphone users all over the world. They found that consumers prefer to avoid the call center and that there is growing demand for self-service tools. In particular when they are app-based.


Interesting outcome is that almost half of the consumers in Brazil would rather ignore a Smartphone issue than calling the call center. The same applied to 27% of the other consumers surveyed. The result of this will be an overall decline in the performance of the smartphone. 


The functions consumers most want to see in service providers’ apps include billing information, self-help tools, and usage tracking. Billing and usage tracking is a minimal requirement; operators can differentiate from the competition with device help in a native app experience.


The answers to the three questions asked in the survey indicate clearly the need for mobile operators to move to selfservice and mobile first. A study like this provides the arguments for any operator to start saving costs and improve their customer experience with selfservice. 

You can read the full report here.

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