Google announced this year that they would officially consider the mobile friendliness of a website as an integral part of their ranking algorithm for mobile search results. Webcrumbz CEO Ciprian Borodescu has investigated to what extent companies have made their website mobile friendly or responsive to their audience. To find the answer the top 10,000 websites have been analysed on mobile responsiveness. Result: More than 42% of all the researched websites are neither responsive nor mobile friendly. 

Why is this important for mobile operators?
According to a recent study by Forrester in 2 years from now about 2.4 billion people will have a smartphone and 651 million will have a tablet. When in need of support, consumers expect that companies offer them an online experience that is aligned with any device they use.

It is therefore important for mobile operators to offer a high-end solution that helps their customers solve issues quick and solid. Not surprisingly, customer support is critical to mobile phone users for (not) promoting their mobile operator.

Are your device help pages already mobile friendly?
Qelp understands how important a seamless online experience is for your customers. All our self-help solutions are designed “mobile first” and have work without problems on any device and on all operating systems. This will allow mobile operators to direct calls away from call centers, while at the same time creating positive customer support experiences.

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