What started as an email configuration problem on a holiday in France has, years later, grown into a flourishing company with a clear mission:
“Helping people outsmart technology”

Wouter Deelman planted the seed for Qelp in 2004 when he was personally confronted with the struggles of setting up an email account on his mobile phone and interacting with customer support to help him out. He was convinced that a selfservice application could make these smartphone issues so much easier to resolve.
The thought of that moment in 2004 is still the driving force behind our entire company, keeping us motivated. Motivated to provide software to Mobile Operators and MVNOs that creates the best possible customer support journey for all smartphone users around the world. We do not only help Mobile Operators and MVNOs save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on long and expensive support calls, we also help end-users enjoy their smartphones.
Because smartphones should always be fun!


  • Wouter Deelman

    Wouter Deelman

    Founder, CEO

  • Victor van Baal

    Head of Sales & Marketing

  • Pascal Rutten, Head of Operations @ Qelp

    Pascal Rutten

    Head of Operations



  • Seth van der Meer

    Head of UX

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