Working at Qelp

At Qelp, people are our greatest asset. People are the reason for our successes. Without the passion, vision and can-do mentality of our team members, we could have never set this world class standard for service, quality and innovation.
We want to create the ultimate atmosphere for our team members to be productive, creative and relaxed. We know that if you feel at home, you can achieve anything. We want you to learn, excel, feel free and have fun.
Ready to join our team and unlock your full potential? Our doors are open.

The best part is: It’s fun!

Rob van Vliet joined Qelp as a part time Content Producer just shortly after the company was founded in 2005. He was one of the first Qelp employees with smartphones in his hand to create the content that is still so important to our company today. Today, Rob is active as Project manager and knows he is in the right place:
“My true passion is knowledge about devices. I get a lot of satisfaction and motivation managing special projects, optimizing production processes and flows, and improving the Qelp products as a whole within a market as dynamic as the mobile industry. But the best part is: it’s fun!”
Qelp Rob van Vliet

My personal highlight: a trip to Sao Paulo

Marc van den Hurk joined Qelp in 2012. As Content Planner, Marc translates the incoming orders to tasks that can then be executed, monitored and evaluated. Marc’s activities are crucial to meet Service Level Agreements for our customers.
Marc’s thoughts: “Every content order is a new piece of the puzzle. I love the challenge of solving these complex puzzles within the given timeframe. My personal highlight at Qelp was when I travelled to Sao Paulo, Brazil, to set up a completely new production office. I trained local staff there and had the chance to transfer my knowledge of the content production processes onto my new colleagues.”
Qelp Marc van den Hurk