30 % of smartphone related queries can be resolved within minutes, according to a study from Teleplan. With the increasing importance of delivering outstanding customer experience, the aftersales departments of mobile operators have transformed from a functional necessity to a key department for creating competitive advantage. But how can mobile operators ensure that their after sales supply chain is maximizing opportunities?  

1.         Keep devices out of the supply chain

An important service that a mobile operator can provide is removing the necessity for subscribers to contact a call center or retail store when they encounter smartphone issues. Especially millennials increasingly expect to be able to resolve issues with their devices themselves. According to a study by Ovum, 71% of consumers would – if available – make use of a mobile selfservice application. 

About 95% of device related issues can be resolved within minutes through a digital selfservice channel or live technical support, reducing no trouble found (NTF) returns with 50%. This service can even increase customer satisfaction rates to more than 85%.

2.         Convenient, simple and transparent process

When it is inevitable to return mobile devices to the repair department, it is very important to provide simplicity, transparency and convenience. Consumers are demanding a process that fits their lifestyle and schedule, and operators should be aware of the growing smartphone dependency among their subscribers. They no longer accept long waiting times but instead expect visibility of the progress in the repair cycle, being assured that they are being looked after.

3.         Fast screening and diagnostics

A short and accurate diagnostic process not only improves the efficiency of the service supply chain, but it also reduces the chance that customers are getting back a misdiagnosed faulty device. Analysts expect that every year about 300 million devices will be returned for repair annually by the end of 2015. If repair departments are equipped with advanced diagnostics tools, they will not only reduce the time for testing and diagnosis with a few minutes per device but will also discover devices that don’t need hardware repair at all.


Smartphones have become the new Swiss army knife, and many consumers use theirs for several hours per day. Therefore, having an aftersales process that works quickly, efficiently and with visibility can make the crucial differentiator between mobile operators. Digital selfservice tools enable not only subscribers but also the call center, retail stores and the aftersales department to resolves issues without the need of repairing.

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