Vincent Philipsen (photo) joined Qelp to develop the enterprise market, the first customers are joining meanwhile.
Mobile operators and MVNOs are not alone in dealing with an overload of smartphone and tablet related support calls. Also employees in enterprises expect instant access with their smartphone to company info and processes. Which needs to be available on Android, iOS, WindowsPhone and BlackBerry, and has to be secure, fast and user-friendly as well.
With our selfservice software for smartphones and tablets, enterprises can support mobile-first and BYOD strategies without overloading their IT servicedesk. Employees can solve issues themselves.


ISS in the Netherlands has chosen to implement Qelp selfservice software, to support their employees on smartphones and tablets. ISS was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1901 and has grown to become one of the world’s leading Facility Services companies, employing more than 520.000 staff members worldwide.
For the first time in years, we saw a rising number of support calls“, Nurettin Bozkurt, Manager IT Services at ISS in Holland, explains. “Mostly caused by employees asking questions regarding their smartphone settings: how to set up e-mail accounts, wifi and mobile internet. We made the selfservice application available through our local intranet, so we knew it was secure and easy to find“. The reason to choose Qelp was the future-readiness of their solution. Qelp has a supported database of over 2.000 mobile devices, 200 step-by-step tutorials, available in 15 languages. “We simply would have a hard time keeping pace with the mobile market to offer our employees the same level of support. The fast ROI gave the final push“, Nurettin ends.

Interested in how Qelp can help your company reduce those expensive smartphone support calls? Get in touch with Vincent.

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