Over the past years consumers have regularly been surprised by the increasing costs for their mobile data consumption. While thinking that certain popular apps (such as Spotify and Facebook) wouldn’t consume that much data, they are often confronted with skyrocketing bills from their mobile operator. Previously consumers thought this was a problem when traveling abroad, with these apps high data consumption also becomes an issue in their home country.

As a consequence, some mobile operators have been negatively addressed in public by their own customers. Nowadays consumers expect that mobile operators help them to prevent exceeding their data plans, instead of remain silent and collect bills. For example Globe telecom has given a positive spin to this issue with their GoSURF PR campaign, raising awareness and getting positive recognition for it. Read the entire article here

Qelp has therefore developed specific use cases to help smartphone users get a grip on their data consumption and supporting the other efforts our clients are doing addressing this issue.

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