It’s one of the most common frustrations of smartphone users: the moment that their device completely runs out of power while there is no way to recharge it with energy. The increasing smartphone dependency makes users seriously think to change or repair their device when they believe their smartphone runs out of energy too fast.


According to a study of TrendLabs, 62% of smartphones have less than 20% of power remaining at the end of the day, 33% of devices go below 10% power, and 12% of devices run out of power completely. The consequences are clear: according to a survey of Ovum, 35% of the smartphone users have stated that a battery that runs out of energy too fast is the major cause of dissatisfaction. From these users 32% turned to their retailer and call center of their mobile operator at some point during their customer life cycle.


Qelp understands how important it is for mobile operators to offer their end-users a seamless customer experience. We have therefore developed use cases that provide smartphone users clear instructions how they can extend the life of the battery themselves:



Nowadays smartphone screens are getting bigger, apps are becoming more advanced and 4G/LTE technology is getting adopted across all mobile devices. Therefore this ‘energy saving’ help is maybe the most rewarding help you can give to your customers.


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