Chatbots are a promising support option for your consumers, but they’re not ready to replace your agents. The technology isn’t there yet. That’s why keeping bots’ interactions simple, with your agents near, are what works best today. At the same time, improving your knowledge base is critical to ensure that your bot can actually help your customers. Without effective support content, even the most advanced bot will deliver a disappointing experience.

Have realistic expectations

Although current bots can provide viable support for simple tasks, it’s important to be aware of their limitations, starting with naturality. Today’s chatbots are expected to mimic a natural conversation between two humans, but this is already a step towards bot-fail. Though many are equipped with natural language processors (NLP), spare your customer’s disappointment by making it clear that they’re communicating with a bot from the start.

The AI hype is real. Digital leaders have been quick to adopt bots to reduce cost in contact centers and improve productivity. But as the expectations have become more realistic, the enthusiasm is settling.

Even Facebook decided to pull the plug on its virtual assistant, M, due to disappointing end-user experiences.

In our experience, today’s chatbots are immature. They have a tendency to overcomplicate and add complexity to simple solutions.

Chatbots are as good as your knowledge base

Chatbots are evolving fast. However, without relevant support content in your knowledge base, even the most advanced bot will disappoint. That’s because any information your bot communicates is taken directly from your existing knowledge base.

Before the bot, you first need to assess the state of your current support content. A chatbot cannot answer a question if it lacks the answer to do so.

A comprehensive knowledge base with effective support content is the key to a successful operation.

Keep your agents near

Forrester suggests testing chatbots in a narrow, noncore area of your business while keeping agent assistance near. Chatbots will become mainstream at some point, but the technology is likely to need several years to mature. A good approach to AI and chatbots, in particular, is to start small, make sure your content is integration-ready and look at it as an assisting support tool for now.

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