4 key drivers of disloyalty (and how to tackle them)

4 key drivers of disloyalty (and how to tackle them)

When it comes to customer experience, more effort means less loyalty. In fact, 96 percent of customers who experience high-effort interactions turn disloyal, compared to only 9 percent of those with a low-effort experience. In this blog post, we explore four...

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The risk-free way to differentiate

Today, the ability to change quickly defines your success. In fact, technology has reduced the average life span of companies to less than 20 years, compared to 60 years in the 1950s. Customer experience innovation is critical but difficult. For established companies...

3 ways to boost agent productivity

As customers’ requests are becoming increasingly complex, the customer service job is more demanding than ever. To find answers, agents interact with more than eight applications - shifting their focus from helping your customer to navigating internal systems. To...

SYKES recognized as a top industry visionary

HFS Research, a leading industry analyst firm, has acknowledged Sykes Enterprises as a true digital customer experience powerhouse with significant capabilities across the entire customer lifecycle. The report, published earlier this year, ranks Sykes Enterprises #1...

Qelp & mquadr.at announce strategic partnership

The partnership will focus on helping service providers in the connected home to deliver better digital support experience and in-home automation. Enabling end-users to solve their support issues both online and offline via self-service has proven to be an effective way to reduce support calls and improve customers’ satisfaction.

2018 – A year of people, partnerships & growth

With 2019 already in full swing, we’d like to take one last moment to reflect on the past year. Growth is perhaps the keyword that best describes 2018 for us. Worldwide, our team and talent grew together with our business, bringing customer experience innovation to...

Great online support is not a one-time-project

Meeting your customer’s expectations online is increasingly difficult. That’s because your online support isn’t compared against the support of your competitors anymore. It’s measured against the experiences delivered by companies like Netflix, Amazon and Google. With...

How not to disappoint with your Chatbot

Chatbots are a promising support option for your consumers, but they’re not ready to replace your agents. The technology isn’t there yet. That’s why keeping bots’ interactions simple, with your agents near, are what works best today. At the same time, improving your...

3 key takeaways from the BI Innovation Summit in Chicago

BI is changing how companies make decisions, cut costs and spot new opportunities. Companies’ hunger for data & analytics has created an increased skill shortage. At the same time, predictive analytics are simplifying forecasting, while evolving technologies...

Ring.com: 4 principles responsible for their success

Founded only 6 years ago, Ring has established itself as the best-known player in the smart doorbell space. With a near-monopolistic position in the US market, the company was recently acquired by Amazon for over $1 billion. There are valuable business lessons to be...

Google Home Unpacked: Our set-up experience

“Hey Google, dim the lights to 15%, and play The Notebook from Netflix on my living room TV.”

Google Home places your entire house under the control of your voice. In this blog we will explore in detail the setup and first use of Google’s smart speaker offering. First and foremost, its understanding of voice commands is nearly perfect.

Smart products: What is holding back adoption?

Many analysts predicted that consumer IoT products would be an essential part of every household by now. However, this prediction hasn’t come true yet.

If one thing is certain, it’s that the adoption of smart devices hasn’t happened as quickly as many expected. When it comes to Consumer IoT, most products are still in the ‘early adopters’ stage. Despite that, the smart products market becomes more and more competitive. 

Qelp founder Wouter Deelman becomes Chairman

Victor van Baal becomes Managing Director AMSTERDAM – December 18, 2017 – As of January 1, 2018 Qelp CEO and Founder Wouter Deelman becomes Chairman of the Board of Directors of Qelp. “I’m looking forward to continue supporting Qelp but now in a non-executive...

Who picks up the phone if your IoT washer fails?

It’s 4.30PM on Saturday. As you get comfortable on the couch and start a movie on the TV, your smart thermostat seamlessly adjusts the temperature in the room. An alert on your iPhone comes in. The SmartHome app warns you that right in the middle of a wash cycle, your...

Your daughter’s IoT jeans nightmare

All of a sudden, in the middle of a washing cycle of jeans for the whole family, your brand-new IoT-connected washer stops working. The control panel doesn’t work, your smartphone doesn’t talk to the washer anymore, and at that very same moment your daughter shouts...

Help customers manage storage on their iPhone

The update for iOS 11 is now available to iPhone and iPad owners, but many of them are not able to upgrade because of insufficient free storage. What’s more, your customers cannot take photos and videos, install new apps and make full use of their premium smartphones. This brings frustration and doesn’t match the user experience that users expect when buying a new iPhone.

The 3 most asked questions about the iPhone X

There are 2 months between the release of the iPhone 8 and the release of the iPhone X. This means customers will be facing a dilemma: “Is it worth waiting for the iPhone X?”.

Four changes in iOS 11 that require customer support attention

In this blog, we bring you the four most impactful changes expected in iOS11. This information will help your agents and self-service channels to prepare for the peak in support questions when the new iPhone launches together with iOS 11 in September.

Upgrading from S7 to S8, 4 challenges for customers

Many customers with a Samsung Galaxy S7 will be switching to the attractive Galaxy S8 in the coming weeks. Several changes Samsung has made to the software of its flagship device might confuse users and lead to increased questions to customer support.

Qelp’s Android device expert, Delano Boeijkens, has put together a list of the challenges your customers might face when transitioning to the newest Samsung smartphone.

8 support challenges with the Samsung Galaxy S8

As soon as the Samsung Galaxy S8 was released users started to report issues with the device. In this blog we have compiled the most heard complaints that have been causing customer service calls with some of our customers.  Most complaints are device specific, so be...

Top 10 most wanted gadgets this year

Although CES in Las Vegas and MWC in Barcelona are behind us, we believe the most exciting tech surprises of 2017 are yet to be announced. We turned to our gadget expert, Ilan Kupers, who compiled a list of the top 10 gadgets (in no particular order) he was most...

Android Nougat is about to hit support channels

The benefits of adding support for Android Nougat to your website & app are not only limited to providing better customer care. According to Forrester, having online tutorials available will likely reduce cost by deflecting agent-assisted interactions; furthermore, adding relevant support content can assist your SEO efforts.

How to use content marketing to help customers

Content marketing has proven to be a great tool for increasing engagement, building trust and closer customer relationships. In line with that, many of the field’s best practices could benefit your online support content. It might be useful to examine your support content through the lens of content marketing. We have gathered several content marketing fundamentals that can help you start.

McKinsey: Digitalize the simple questions

Customer service organizations need to digitalize and automate simple customer questions. According to McKinsey, customers prefer self-service options for less-complex service requests. As they are used to the immediacy and convenience established by players such as Amazon and Google, they expect the same kind of service from established service providers.

Solving customers’ simple, low-value issues online will free up time to focus on the more complex requests. Online self-service is a great opportunity to provide superior care to your customers and win their loyalty, McKinsey remarks. In short, organizations can gain competitive advantage by balancing the evolving customer expectations with the right level of automation and human interaction.

How to improve first contact resolution

Because the first call is usually not the first contact, it is crucial that contact centres have a better understanding of a customers’ online behaviour.
Ovum research indicates a gap between customers’ needs and the support solutions delivered. This increases the number of interactions required before a customer actually resolves their issue. To adapt to the changing behaviour of customers, contact centres need to optimize the channel through which the majority of users look for help first – online. Ovum also suggests that contact centres should rethink the tools they are using along with the prioritization of the different support channels.

Be ready to provide iOS 10 support

After the “September Keynote”, Apple users will update to iOS 10 from September 13th onwards. This will be the biggest iOS release ever. The technical updates and design changes made by Apple promise to make the OS better. However, the improvements might also create difficulties for users. According to Tech Radar and Qelp’s content experts, iOS 10 will transform the way iPhones and iPads are used. This is a result of the interface and functionality changes of the lock screen and some of the most popular apps. As Marc van den Hurk, Head of Content at Qelp, remarks: “The update is going to add a lot of interesting new functionalities, which will take consumers some time to get used to”.

Use online self-service traffic for upsell

According to Oracle, resolving your customer’s issue during the first interaction combined with minimum customer effort increases loyalty by 36%. That’s why support traffic towards operators’ websites is an opportunity for those able to meet customers’ self-service expectations. On top of that, Increasing the customer satisfaction is an important enabler for upsell and cross-sell. As confirmed by Oracle and Aberdeen, mobile operators can boost revenues by delivering targeted and personalized offers at the right moment.

Sustainable revenue growth for MVNOs

The global MVNO market presents an opportunity for explosive growth in a fast-paced, low margin environment. However, concentrating only on acquiring new customers has proven to be risky according to Informa. In the report “The multifaceted world of MVNOs”, Informa remarks that MVNOs must focus on understanding their customer base in order to get the most out of it and retain it. Thus, being flexible and providing personalized services to ever-demanding users is essential. Moving fast and adapting to the changing needs of your target market is the only way to stay relevant.

How to reactivate sleeping MyOperator app users

  With more than 2 million apps in the Apple App Store, focusing on app user acquisition is critical. While acquisition strategies have been successful in generating new users, many apps have failed to engage and retain them. According to Localytics, 71% of the users...

A guide to make mobile security a competitive differentiator

  91% of Smartphone users globally are concerned about at least one security issue, according to a report from Nokia. The report remarks that many users are not certain in their current approach to mobile security and are often willing to pay a premium for additional...

4 Steps guide to improving UX

As a large part of a customer’s journey takes place online, a flawless user experience (UX) becomes a requirement. This is even more important when customers search for support on your website. With competition only a click away, effortless digital support and intuitive design matter in a major way. Simply put: UX can make or break your brand’s digital experience.

Getting social customer service right

Treating social customer support as just another traditional service channel is risky. Social media are known for their snowball effect for positive, but especially negative customer feedback. Nothing in the telecommunication industry evolves as quickly as customers’ expectations.

3 Proven customer support strategies for VAS

Operators need to get value added services (VAS) support right to avoid customer churn and revenue losses. VAS has become a strong driver for additional revenue and customer retention. As telecoms are establishing themselves as resellers of digital services, the support expectations of users’ grow. Customers now insist on relevant and quick answers to solve issues at first contact.

How to Cut NFF returns in Triple-Play support

Triple-play represents a great opportunity for operators but comes with significant customer service challenges. According to our data, sometimes 50% of the device shipments result in No Fault Found (NFF) returns of the modem or mediabox. This makes it clear that contact centers fail to deliver the necessary support. Providing your customers with adequate online support is no longer optional, it is a requirement.

Top 10 iOS 9 Problems Increasing Customer Service Costs

By identifying the most common iOS problems, mobile operators will be able to upgrade their online support content and provide solutions to customers’ support issues faster. The iOS related support costs are increasing in proportion to the growing number of features and complexity of the system.

5 Practical Ways to Reduce Customer Effort (and Churn)

By identifying online customer journey bottlenecks, mobile operators will uncover the pain points that cause high customer effort when they are in need for support. According to Oracle, reducing the customer effort has a major impact on the overall customer satisfaction.

McKinsey: Discover Quick Wins With Customer-Led Design

Although customer-led design is an absolute necessity today, it is often difficult to see how CX and IT teams that are already stretched to capacity can take on this work. According to a report by McKinsey, rapid process digitalization is one way to achieve quick wins...

MyOperator app trends for 2016

Apps are not only being used for hiring a taxi or booking a hotel room, consumers are also using apps for shopping or to reach out to customer service desks. According to ComScore, over 60% of web traffic for retail websites came from mobile devices and 51% of that...

Support Challenges with the Samsung Galaxy S7​

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will be in the customers’ hands tomorrow, a smartphone that millions of Android users have been patiently awaiting. Samsung has presented a smartphone loaded with new features and innovative upgrades. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge...

Top 5 Customer Experience trends for 2016

2015 has shown that Customer Experience has become equally or more important than product and price differentiation in the Telecom industry. When looking to 2016, analysts expect the following key trends: 1.   Mobile First Various analysts expect that in 2016 more...

Smartphones anticipated for 2016

2015 was a great year for new smartphones, with the iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S6 as key releases. In this publication we look forward to the (expected) releases for 2016.

2016 Buzzword: Omnichannel Customer Experience

The digital revolution is clearly visible in every corner of the world. Mobile phone users are rapidly replacing their feature phone for a smartphone and they increasingly prefer digital engagement over retail stores and call centers. In the “2015 Global Contact...

Help me out of the FAQ jungle!

Guest blog by Nienke Bloem, CX expert It is a trend to send me as a customer into your FAQ. The place to be for self-service. Where I can solve my problems with, or answer questions about your products or services. Cheap, quick, easy, open 24/7, accessible. Brilliant!...

Device repair as a competitive differentiator

With the increasing importance of delivering outstanding customer experience, the aftersales departments of mobile operators have transformed to a key department for creating competitive advantage. But how can mobile operators ensure that their after sales supply chain is maximizing opportunities?

Key to MVNO success: digital first

MVNO growth has a flipside: higher pressure on the digital customer service channels to deliver a service experience that meets the demands of their subscribers.

If basic selfservice is missing, churn will increase

Operators put the loyalty of their customers at serious risk if customers can’t easily resolve their issue themselves. Being frustrated with the fact that they couldn’t self-serve, customers then contact the call center. The agent then has the difficult task to not only resolve the issue but also to take away the customer’s negative perception about the effort he had to make.

The Effortless Experience: direct customers to the right channel

New online touch points have increased the number of interactions with customers, but there is a high risk for churn if it is not clear to customers which channel to use for what issue: 96% of customers who are forced to switch support channels will be looking to switch operator as well.

25% of smartphone users seek online support

Recent research shows that the number of consumers searching on the Internet first when they have a smartphone issue is growing rapidly to over 25% this year. This growth is a clear indication that consumers are moving from the calling the call center to a preference for online selfservice.

Fight the ‘No Fault Found’ handset returns

Customers – who largely became dependent on their smartphone – are more often returning their smartphone to their operator for repair and expect a quick and low-cost service. Therefore, many operators struggle with the increasing number of ‘No Fault Found’ returns. Especially if you realize that, according to Strategy Analysis, by the end of 2015 more than 2.5 billion people in the world own a smartphone.

Is your call center ready for iOS 9?

Apple announced that iOS 9 will be released on September 16th. It is important for your call center to know what the key changes are, because end-users may call for help when running into – for example – settings issues.

Agents don’t feel empowered to resolve issues

“Contact centers are becoming dreaded instead of celebrated”. This statement is the main conclusion derived from studies conducted by the Consumer group Which? in the UK and EvaluAgent. Almost 40% of the call center agents in the UK don’t feel empowered to resolve customer issues, and 71% of agents feel their conversations are too scripted to satisfy a customer.

Africa smartphone penetration at tipping point

According to Analysys Mason, the African telecom market will grow on average by 6.7% during the next years. They also expect that mobile data usage will grow four times faster (19.6%) than mobile voice (4.7%), and smartphone penetration will grow to 26% in 2018. MVNO me&you mobile has already entered the market and also Huawei recognizes this opportunity and will ship 2 million devices to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Selfservice is nice, but only if it’s top notch

Customers are happy to self-serve but expect excellent service through across channels when needed. 85% of customers believe it should be easier to contact their provider while only 13% get a resolution at the first contact. Resulting that 88% of customers would be...

SYKES Enterprises, Inc. acquires Qelp

Combining best of voice and online to create seamless customer experience   With the rapid global adoption of smartphones, the smartphone self-service market becomes bigger by the day. There are some 1,800 mobile operators and MVNOs globally and a growing number of...

Traffic jam in call centre drives customers to competition

More than 1 out of 10 consumers switch to another provider as a result of unacceptably long call centre queues, resulting in a total loss of US$944 million for UK mobile operators. This is the main finding from a study done for Videlica in the UK. Mobile operators...

New Asian smartphone vendors are surprising agents

After presenting impressive smartphone sales numbers for Q2 (33% up), the Chinese Smartphone vendor Xiaomi expands to Brazil. This is Xiaomi’s first step outside of Asia. Xiaomi devices will almost certainly grab the attention of a major part of the price sensitive Smartphone users. Are your agents and online service channels ready to support your customers with their Xiaomi related issues?

Poor online experiences are causing operators churn

Customers still encounter confusing websites; long call centre waiting and handling times and difficulties in solving their problems, according to the Accenture Trend report “The $6 trillion opportunity: How digital improves customer experience”. Key finding: the total worth of customers (B2C) that are switching providers across various service providers is estimated at $ 6.2 trillion globally. Mobile operators are a big part of the above figure. Disappointments about various online experiences during the whole customer lifecycle have been identified as a major driver for churn.

MyOperator app underutilized in customer service

Many operators are overlooking their own app as a touchpoint for customer service. Forrester has been commissioned by LivePerson to conduct a study about the importance of mobile for the customer experience. The findings are based on a survey among 135 managers and directors with responsibility for digital channel and customer experience strategy (B2C). Conclusion: by not integrating customer service in the “MyOperator” app, mobile operators miss a major opportunity to over perform on customer service experience.

42% of the websites ignore mobile users

Google announced this year that they would officially consider the mobile friendliness of a website as an integral part of their ranking algorithm for mobile search results. Webcrumbz CEO Ciprian Borodescu has investigated to what extent companies have made their website mobile friendly or responsive to their audience. To find the answer the top 10,000 websites have been analysed on mobile responsiveness. Result: More than 42% of all the researched websites are neither responsive nor mobile friendly.

Help your customers to extend the life of their smartphone battery

It’s one of the most common frustrations of smartphone users: the moment that their device completely runs out of power while there is no way to recharge it with energy. The increasing smartphone dependency makes users seriously think to change or repair their device when they believe their smartphone runs out of energy too fast.

Welcome to the world, Salt!

April 27th, 2015 marked the rebranding of one of the major players in the Swiss Telco-market: Salt. Salt was previously operating under the brand Orange Switzerland, and now under a new name, logo and identity taking its place in the mobile market in Switzerland.

Samsung Galaxy S6: heaven for sales, challenging for customer service

April 10th, 2015 was the day that many smartphone users had been waiting for: the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6. The advanced specifications and upgraded features skyrocketed the demand: market reports forecast a sale of more than 55 million devices before the end of 2015, including a Q2 sale of 22.2 million devices.

Ovum: “12% of the consumers leave their mobile operator because of a poor customer experience”

Last month the independent analyst firm Ovum and Cellebrite – a provider of mobile diagnostics solutions – published a global survey that examined the impact of mobile operators’ customer support abilities on their business. The survey found that in the last year, almost 70% of consumers had experienced an issue with their smartphone. 12% of those who turned to their mobile operator for help would not return to that operator to get their next device based on their service experience.

Google: “Mobile first!”

On February 26th, 2015 Google announced that from April 21st they will be officially considering the mobile friendliness of a website as an integral part of their ranking algorithm for mobile search results. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide..

QelpCare 4.0: mobile first customer service

Mobile traffic is increasing daily. More and more consumers are roaming the web on their smartphones and tablets instead of their desktops and laptops. This trend is changing consumer demand, increasingly focussing on a mobile first experience. Having responsive support webpages has become a bare minimum for customer service. At Qelp, we stay away from the bare minimum and focus on the maximize the customer support experience. That’s why we developed QelpCare 4.0.

Help your customers to limit their data consumption

Over the past years consumers have regularly been surprised by the increasing costs for their mobile data consumption. While thinking that certain popular apps (such as Spotify and Facebook) wouldn’t consume that much data, they are often confronted with skyrocketing bills from their mobile operator. Previously consumers thought this was a problem when traveling aboard, with these apps high data consumption also becomes an issue in their home country.

MWC 2015: what we found at the edge of innovation

Mobile World Congress 2015 is a wrap and 90.000 attendees returned home from Barcelona filled with inspiration and innovative ideas. What did MWC have to offer this year? A lot of new smartphones and tablets of course, but also the newest wearables, including mostly smartwatches and virtual reality headsets. We got a glimpse of the new Windows 10 mobile OS and saw the latest developments in mobile security. This is what we found at the edge of innovation…

McKinsey: “New service landscape”

The ‘new service landscape’ is here, according to a recent McKinsey publication. According to the authors, this new service landscape is shaped by four evolving trends: higher customer expectations, the rise of the mobile internet, big data analytics and the Internet of Things.

Meet us at MWC 2015, Barcelona

The biggest event in the mobile industry is just a few days away. Qelp will be attending the Mobile World Congress from Monday 2 until Wednesday March 4. If you are also attending MWC, please let us know so we can set-up a meeting.

I want to meet at MWC

Coming up: Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung has announced an unboxing event for March 1, most likely to reveal their new flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S6. A year after the release of the Galaxy S5, Samsung is preparing to show their newest device to the world. At Qelp, we are waiting in...

Qelp speaking at software conference

On March 12, Qelp CEO Wouter Deelman will be speaking at the Software Industry Conference (SINC). In light of this years theme, "Market Development & Internationalization; Competing for Global Leadership", Wouter will be sharing his experiences with breaking out...

O2 UK implements QelpCare

In December of last year, O2 UK launched the QelpCare selfservice application. Being the first operator in the UK to implement the software, O2 once again shows their dedication to provide their customers the best support possible. "At O2, we truly care about customer...

Guided FAQs: diagnostics for smartphone users

Solving a smartphone issue becomes so much easier when you know what's causing the problem. Qelp is introducing the next step in self-service: guided FAQs. As the name implies, this application guides the user through a series of issue categories to identify the...

Rapid smartphone growth among 55+

It's the largest growth in smartphone ownership according to the Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2014. A majority of 56% of consumers older than 55 now own a smartphone. This could explain the trend our customers identified, where a majority of all smartphone...

Did you know Net Promoter Score results are influenced by culture?

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is influenced by the culture of the respondents. Qelp measures NPS for all of their customers and there are clear cultural differences visible. For example, Brazilian people that are exceptionally pleased will (easily) give a '10', while...

Telesur Surinam implements QelpCare

''The smartphone penetration in Surinam has increased significantly over the last few years'' says Mrs. Brigette van Hetten, Manager Tele G project group. ''Because of that, the calls to our call centers regarding smartphone issues grew as well. With the deployment of...

First Qelp customer in the Enterprise market

Employees in enterprises expect instant access with their smartphone to company info and processes. Which needs to be available on Android, iOS, WindowsPhone and BlackBerry, and has to be secure, fast and user-friendly as well.

Moving with SaaS into the cloud: a fast ROI

While more and more companies are switching their applications to a SaaS model, software-as-a-service, some others still want to make the business case of pro's, cons and the ROI. Magazine Wired published a good list of benefits some time ago: 1. Total cost of...

MVNO market: more device bundles, data-only & focus on enterprise

There are niche markets today that will grow and further shape the MVNO market in the next five years , according to telecom & media analysts Ovum. Principal analyst Dario Talmesio presented Ovum's predictions during the CEM Congress 2014 in London last month. One...

Qelp in Top 25 FD Gazellen

Qelp ranked #24 among the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands at yesterday's FD Gazellen award ceremony. There were 46 companies in the list that showed a continuous revenue growth of at least...

Qelp ranked as fast growing tech company in Europe

Qelp made the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA 2014 as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe. With a revenue growth of 707{308f2acf000b84c4c1d800194d2d9abfa71613ea0f86d6756904f54ff121753f} over the past five years, Qelp was ranked #251 on the list...

Qelp #17 in Main Software Top 50

At yesterday's Main Software Top50 award ceremony in Amsterdam, Qelp was listed at position #17 of the Top 50 of fast growing software companies in the Netherlands. The ranking is based on "revenue growth, substance and quality of the company as well as international...

Qelp in Deloitte Fast50

With a revenue growth rate of 700% in the last 5 years, Qelp was elected as a 2014 Deloitte Fast50 winner. For the 15th year in a row, the Deloitte Fast50 was put together listing the fastest growing tech companies in the Netherlands. Last Friday, the official ranking...

Innovation in self-service

Qelp CEO Wouter Deelman will be speaking at the CEM World Congress, November 4, 2014 in London. The title of his presentation will be "Innovation in selfservice for smartphones". If you are in London at the congress as well and would like to set-up a meeting or...

“MVNOs, don’t follow the crowd”

Being successful as an MVNO comes down to differentiation, pricing and scaling according to David Glickman, CEO of Ultra Mobile, who states:"If you follow the crowd, you are bound to fail". Glickman adds that providing a strong value and quality of service is also a...

19% of the Americans rely solely on their smartphone to get online

Almost most two-thirds of the Americans own a smartphone. Around 19% of the Americans rely on a smartphone for accessing the Internet. This shows the increasing dependency of people on their smartphone. In October 2014 the independent U.S. think tank Pew Research...

Qelp winner of White Bull Award 2014

On October 8, Qelp was awarded a Bully Award 2014. We received the Bully Award in the "Longhorn" category, for promising tech companies in an expansion stage. White Bull Awards This year, the White Bull Awards election were held for the fifth time in Barcelona. The...

McKinsey: 6 steps to a succesful e-care deployment

“Digital customer service is now a strategic imperative” reads the subtitle of a recent McKinsey & Company research article ‘Why companies should care about e-care’. See why this article is so important according to us…

Immediate support: iOS8 & iPhone6

Time to market of smartphone support is something we truly care about at Qelp. Whenever a new device or operating system is announced, we make it our goal to provide support as fast as we can. On Wednesday September 17, Apple officially released their new operating...

Qelp elected for Deloitte Fast 50

Qelp has been selected as one of the fastest growing tech companies in the Netherlands! The Deloitte Fast 50 jury selected us, based on our revenue growth over the past five years. We are delighted and proud to see our name between all the other promising nominees for...

New office in Amsterdam

As of July the first, Qelp has moved to a new office. We have left the Amsterdam canals behind us and set up office in the West part of Amsterdam.

Qelp #13 in Main Software Top50

Qelp finished as #13 in this year's race for the title of fastest growing software company of the Netherlands. The 93,7 points were just short for the Main Software Top50 title of 2013. This is the second consecutive year that Qelp ranks as one of the 50 fastest...

Qelp #18 in Main Software Top50

Qelp was listed as #18 of the fastest growing software companies in the Netherlands during the Main Software Top50 2012. We entered the Main Software Top50 with 86 points, based on revenue growth, quality of the company and international expansion. Interested in the...