By identifying the most common iOS problems, mobile operators will be able to upgrade their online support content and provide solutions to customers’ support issues faster.

As pointed out by Co.Design, the once minimalistic IOS on-boarding process has gone from taking second to taking minutes. The iOS related support costs are increasing in proportion to the growing number of features and complexity of the system. According to Ovum “No fault found” returns remain a major concern for mobile operators as they account for 30% of all handsets sent to repair.

Ensuring that relevant instructions for customers’ most common issues are easy to access on your website is crucial. With digital being the preferred support channel for most of the customers, it comes as a surprise how under-prioritized it remains by most telecoms.

That being said: here are the top 10 problems associated with iOS 9 that clog your customer service lines and increase costs:

  1. Wi-Fi Assist

According to iDigitalTimes, this new feature is meant to help users get the best browsing experience and streaming services. It automatically switches from Wi-Fi to cellular 4G or LTE data if Wi-Fi speeds are too slow. However, this feature has ended up costing some users a lot of money in data overuse fees. As the ‘hit’ on the wallet can be very hard, users are understandably in a rush to disable Wi-Fi Assist. Here is an example of how Qelp integrated this usecase.

  1. Slide to Update

After updating to iOS 9, most users were not impressed when their devices got stuck on the Slide to upgrade screen. According to Digital Trends, when the screen freezes, it literally gets stuck and it continues to be unresponsive, much to the frustration of users.

  1. Touch Screen

According to iMobile, some users have reported different types of touch screen problems with the iPhone 6s. They range from some keys not functioning to the whole screen being unresponsive. This means that, unfortunately, the power button does not work so the user is unable to power-off or restart the phone.

  1. Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi issues are a common part of every platform update. The iPhone 6s has been known to unexpectedly stop being connected to Wi-Fi or experience slow speeds. Some users are not lucky enough to have Wi-Fi, as the update to iOS9 means they struggle to connect devices to their router.

  1. Sound

The no or low sound syndrome. This issue mostly affects music but can also have an effect on different apps. Digital Trends reports that the volume of the iPhone can also be limited and most notification sounds are also affected.

  1. Bluetooth

Like Wi-Fi, users normally have difficulty with connecting via Bluetooth after updates. Common difficulties include trouble connecting to devices or the connection drops after a connection is made.

  1. Safari Browser

Where users prefer to use Safari, they could be met with some issues with the iOS 9 platform. According again to iMobile, the problems include being unable to open messages, email, apps or other links. Some users experience the browser crashing immediately when the home screen is accessed.

  1. Game Center

Updating to iOS 9 has caused serious issues for some gaming fans. It has been reported that the game center opens up and remains on a blank page. The best-case scenario is that it eventually loads but it can also freeze and crash the device. That is the last thing users will want to deal with when all they are looking for is to enjoy their favourite game.

  1. Cellular Data

Cellular issues have appeared after some users updated to iOS 9. The complaints are that the toggles that enable cellular data do not work.  This is even where there are no problems with Wi-Fi connections.

  1. Battery Life

Battery life usage varies from person to person. However, there have been complaints about the very fast rate of battery drainage after downloading iOS 9, especially iOS 9.3 and its new iOS 9.3.1 upgrade.


The increasing complexity and costs related with the support of iOS 9 can be reduced considerably and even tackled by implementation of online Selfservice system.  Providing adequate support for your customers at the channel they look for help the first will result in a fewer call to your call center and higher satisfaction.

Qelp can assist you in providing your users with the information to solve their problems online, while driving down your costs.

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