According to a report by McKinsey, MVNO subscriber numbers and revenues will grow roughly 40% a year. This growth also has a flipside: higher pressure on the digital customer service channels of MVNOs to deliver a service experience that meets the demands of their subscribers. Meaning: making sure that all issues flagged by customers via a digital channel get full response and customers are not directed to the call centre.

Social media has become integral to customer engagement and has grown to be an important marketing, sales and customer service channel. It is being used by customer service departments to build customer loyalty, increase NPS and reduce the costs of service.  However, social care agents often direct customers to the call centre when they report an issue on social media:

Responses like this will not only increase call centre traffic, but also frustrate customers. They not only need to make an extra effort by picking up the phone and find their way through the various call centre menus, but also – for a second or third time – need to explain the issue to the agent.

A successful MVNO defines the desired customer experience levels across all of the customer touch points. To ensure uniform customer experience, they need to establish consistent value proposition definitions (such as simplicity, transparency, and premium offers) and apply them across their channels. Additionally, they should continuously assess their operational performances to avoid customer dissatisfaction and churn.

Two examples why digital care has positive effects for a MVNO:

·       Increasing Customer Experience – Receiving feedback from subscribers, resolving their issues in the same channel is most important for a high customer satisfaction score.

·       Increasing Sales – Showcasing customer service efforts and thereby influencing the image of the brand positively.


Social media management is not restricted to interacting with subscribers. It also has an important place in the entire customer journey. Forcing operators to reassess the way they perceive customer experience and integrate this new multi-channel opportunity with their customer management strategy. But even more important: it provides MVNOs the opportunity to further differentiate them from other operators by providing a digital customer care experience that outscores that of others.   Integrating device help can be an unexpected driver for that positive effect. In this case, the answer of a social care agent would like this:


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