While more and more companies are switching their applications to a SaaS model, software-as-a-service, some others still want to make the business case of pro’s, cons and the ROI. Magazine Wired published a good list of benefits some time ago:
1. Total cost of ownership
2. Resource costs
3. Time to value and ease of implementation
4. Access to innovation
5. Ability to try before you buy
6. Ongoing vendor accountability and engagement
You can find the full article here

Qelp is also offered as a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution. The ROI is within months. Why?
Setting up the Qelp selfservice application is fast, without any IT effort. Maintenance of software and frequent content updates are also taken care of by Qelp. Our analytics dashboard provides insight how to even further improve your smartphone customer service.
Visit our website to calculate your return on investment with our ROI calculator.

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