Many operators are overlooking their own app as a touchpoint for customer service. Forrester has been commissioned by LivePerson to conduct a study about the importance of mobile for the customer experience. The findings are based on a survey among 135 managers and directors with responsibility for digital channel and customer experience strategy (B2C). Conclusion: by not integrating customer service in the “MyOperator” app, mobile operators miss a major opportunity to over perform on customer service experience.

Delivering responsive online support
2 years from now about 2.4 billion people will have a smartphone and 651 million a tablet, according to Forrester. When in need of support, consumers expect that their mobile phone provider offers them an online experience that is designed for any device.


How are mobile operators responding?
In the Forrester survey 94% of the respondents stated that their service provider is providing a mobile app to engage customers. However, these apps are mainly focused on driving sales rather than providing customer service. Although companies put effort in using digital channels, they often forget to put their customers first by providing a good customer service experience. 


What are the consequences?
When in need of customer service, consumers still make use of channels such as phone and email. The respondents stated that 45% of all conversations between their company and their customers are handled via these traditional channels: 


What is the impact of providing an in-app customer service experience?
A.T. Kearney conducted a study to the business results of companies that provide a unique customer experience. They found out that – especially in telecommunications – a highly differentiated customer experience has the power to turn dissatisfaction into delight. Customers will become online and offline advocates for that company.

There are 15 so-called ‘Summer Champions’ identified, which are companies that outgrew their competitors consistently in a market with products that are difficult to differentiate. Think about Amazon, IKEA and ArcelorMittal. They have created more shareholder value by focusing on the customer experience first and financial metrics second. Not a single mobile operator is part of this group.


Turn your customers into loyal advocates
The results of these studies showed how generous a positive online, responsive customer experience can pay off. Customers expect a seamless customer service when in need of support on any device they use. Qelp understands how important a positive mobile customer experience is for telecom operators.

All our self-help solutions can be integrated with a “MyOperator” app. Our solutions are fully responsive and work perfectly on any device and any browser. Customers will appreciate this and turn in to brand advocates for your brand. 

Click here for a best practice of QelpCare integration in a MyOperator app” 


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