“Being present on all customer touchpoints with up to date smartphone device help will increase the overall NPS for Nextel”, says Alberto Reis, Product Manager at Nextel Brazil.  

Qelp is Nextel’s partner for offering an online smartphone selfservice application to their customers. Nextel is convinced that mobile data is becoming increasingly important for its customers, and they therefore offer more flexibility in their plans. Customers have a variety of options to choose from (e.g. family plans) and can customize it according to their own needs.

Because of the increased Smartphone usage, Nextel has invested in the development of digital selfservice for various channels. Such as their website, call centers, and their mobile app. Smartphone selfservice fits perfectly in this strategy to delight customers.

Nextel underlines the need for mid-sized mobile operators in Latin America to consider digital self-service as the ultimate channel for client support in the future.

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