Helping customers outsmart technology

Fixing a smartphone problem is easy… If you have the right tools.
Providing your customers with interactive tutorials, one-click-fix and remote diagnostics will not only resolve issues, but also improve the customer service experience. It will divert expensive calls away from your call center to online and mobile. Making it a money saving tool for your entire customer service. Help yourself with our selfservice software.

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Call center software to split conversations
in half

Smartphone support calls are expensive. Long support calls about complex issues can be a real headache. Provide your support agents with the QelpCare tools and a knowledge base to reduce the Average Handling Time with 50% or more. Reduce the number of repeated support calls and make sure that only actual broken smartphones are sent to your repair department. Eventually, our call center software will not only help you save money, but will also prevent taking medicine against those nasty headaches.

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Your gut feeling is great, analytics data is better.

How many customers were in need of support with iOS8 compared to Android KitKat? How many smartphone related calls arrived at the call center last month and is the trend still downwards after introducing online selfservice software? How does the Top 10 smartphones in customer care compared to sales in the webshop? These and other questions are answered through the QelpCare analytics dashboard, allowing you to build custom views per channel for devices, FAQs, NPS and Problem Resolution Rate.

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