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Qelp call center software provides your support agents with the tools and knowledge to resolve customer support issues faster and more efficient. With our extensive database of image based tutorials, device management and diagnostics tools, support agents can give the customer clear step by step instructions on how to solve their problem. Support agents can also direct customers to the online instructions they need with help of the built-in deeplink generator. The Qelp call center software will result in shorter Average Handling Time per support call, fewer repeated calls and fewer ‘No Fault Found’ returns of smartphones.

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Select a manufacturer and a device. Select a category and tutorial. Click through the step by step instructions and guide the customer to the right solution. Use the deeplink generator, run on-device diagnostics and apply a one-click fix.

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Reduce Average Handling Time per support call

A support call doesn’t have to be a long call. When your support agents have the right tools and knowledge, calls could actually be short and effective. Step by step instructions help both the customer and the support agent to resolve the problem quickly. The support agent can even refer the customer to the needed online support. The Qelp call center software will reduce Average Handling Time (AHT) per call with 50%.

Reduce second-level support with first level smartphone experts

Turn your first level support agents into smartphone experts with a rich knowledge base and tools to resolve any problem. The Qelp call center software will relieve your more expensive second and third level support from solving “simple” issues. It will also reduce the number of repeated calls, because your agents can instantly resolve smartphone problems. Saving time and money on multiple levels of support is key to an efficient call center.

Device diagnostics

The first step in customer support is to diagnose the problem. Customers will report symptoms. It is up to your agents to make the correct diagnose. This is harder than it sounds. Qelp call center software can diagnose the problem for you. By tapping into the individual device diagnostics you will have instant insight in the real cause of the problem. Don’t waste valuable time on incorrect diagnoses and start solving the real problem right away.

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Benefits of our Call Center software

Shorter average handling time per call

With clear step by step instructions, your customers smartphone problem will be solved in no-time. That’s good, because support time is expensive.

Up to 50% reduction of average handling time per support call

Fewer repeat calls

Guiding customers to online instructions prevents them from calling the call center again about the same problem. One support call is enough to truly help your customer enjoy their smartphone again.

Up to 50% reduction of repeat support calls

Fewer ‘No Fault Found Returns’ of smartphones that are not broken

Let your support agents work on devices that are actually broken. Reduce the amount of devices that are sent in, but don’t need to be repaired

40% fewer No Fault Found Returns

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