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Selfservice software

95% of all smartphone customers turn to the web for smartphone support. And when they do, you want them to have a support experience they never had before. Interactive, image based tutorials will guide your customers to the right solutions. The clear step by step instructions are accessible on any device, so your customer can fix their problems on the go.

Your customers are happy, because they fixed their own problem. You are happy, because you provided a unique support experience that even saved you money.

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Click through the step by step instructions and solve the problem yourself.

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Improve customer satisfaction with an interactive support experience

Letting customers fix their own smartphone problems gives them a feeling of independence and satisfaction. You can help your customer feel good. Give them interactive tutorials and one-click-fix as a unique online support experience in the look and feel of your brand. Let Qelp selfservice software do the work and watch the Problem Resolution Rate and Net Promoter Score of your support improve right away.

Boost traffic to your website with SEO content

Imagine your customers are looking for smartphone, tablet or laptop support. First thing they do is Google it, right? Our selfservice software has SEO content that leads your searching customers back to your website. Showing up on the first page with search results can lead up to 60% more traffic. Traffic that you can track in our analytics dashboard to monitor what your customers need, and if they’re happy.

Go the extra (s)mile with diagnostics & one-click fix

All that your customer wants is to fix their problem. They don’t care what was wrong, they don’t care how you fix it, as long as their device works when it’s done. How about an application that can find the cause of any problem by running diagnostics? And how about an application that can fix the problem with the click of a button? That’s right, diagnostics and a one-click fix solution will make any customer smile.

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Benefits of our Selfservice software

Higher customer satisfaction – NPS

Giving your customers what they need online will increase their satisfaction. Interactive tutorials that can be used to fix their problems on any device, at any time. Resulting in higher Problem Resolution Rates and Net Promoter Scores

Increase your customer satisfaction with 40%

More traffic to your website

Customers will search for smartphone support online. With our SEO content they will be guided back to your website to find the best possible support experience. Track your increased traffic in our analytics dashboard and find out what your customers need

Increase your website traffic with 100% or more

Fewer calls to your call center

Using selfservice software will pull customers away from your call center waiting line, resulting in fewer calls to your call center. QelpCare software is a fully outsourced Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution you don’t have to worry about involving IT. We do the work for you and them

Reduce the amount of calls to your call center with 50%