Mobile traffic is increasing daily. More and more consumers are roaming the web on their smartphones and tablets instead of their desktops and laptops. This trend is changing consumer demand, increasingly focussing on a mobile first experience. Having responsive support webpages has become a bare minimum for customer service. At Qelp, we stay away from the bare minimum and focus on maximizing the customer support experience. That’s why we developed QelpCare 4.0.

Mobile first support is more than having flexible support that can be viewed on windows of any size. It’s about first designing your support experience based on mobile specific interaction and making it accessible on larger screens second. We took this mobile first approach and completely rebuilt our software from the ground up. The result is a brand new application called QelpCare 4.0. We reviewed aspects like navigation, interaction, data-usage and integration. With mobile navigation in mind we included gesture control for an optimized interaction experience. QelpCare 4.0 is constructed from extremely efficient code, resulting in a snappier experience and low data consumption for users. The application is even optimized for offline use, because a great mobile exprience doesn’t necessarily have to be an online experience. QelpCare 4.0 is also ready for seamless integration with native apps and supports third party tooling and API integration.

Our brand new application revolves entirely around mobile usability and providing a unique mobile support experience. As more and more consumers turn to your customer support through their smartphones and tablets, the need for a true mobile first support experience will only keep growing. Fulfilling this need is easy, because we do all the work for you.

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