April 10th, 2015 was the day that many smartphone users had been waiting for: the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6. The advanced specifications and upgraded features skyrocketed the demand: market reports forecast a sale of more than 55 million devices before the end of 2015, including a Q2 sale of 22.2 million devices. Samsung has previously revealed that carriers had pre-ordered 20 million devices.

What can be heaven for the sales and marketing teams of mobile operators can be challenging for their customer service departments. A recent study of market research company Ovum has revealed that almost 70% of the smartphone users encounter issues with their device for which they need assistance by their mobile operators. Mostly during the first days after obtaining their new device.

At Qelp we are proud to announce that to date we have already created more than 120 use cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6, in 15 languages. In the 18 days that these tutorials have been active in our platform, more than 150.000 consumers have benefited from these use cases. Another metric that we highly value is the PRR (“Problem Resolution Rate”) via mobile devices, which is over 80% for the Samsung Galaxy S6. This means that consumers find their way quickly on this device and calls to the operators support desk have been lowered.

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