More than 1 out of 10 consumers switch to another provider as a result of unacceptably long call centre queues, resulting in a total loss of US$944 million for UK mobile operators. This is the main finding from a study done for Videlica in the UK. Mobile operators should better understand the new customer journey and tackle call centre queues to avoid churn.

About 12% of the customers have switched to another operator because their call was not answered fast enough. Even more alarming for mobile operators: almost one-third of the subscribers in the age range 18-24 years switch for this reason. This generation is the biggest opportunity for operators to achieve brand advocacy with, so investing in their customer service experience will pay off. At the same time, this figure shows how increasingly impatient the newest generation of customers is.  

Customers want choice, control & convenience at no cost

When waiting times are getting unacceptably long, 23% of customers prefer to find an answer on the website of their operator. This puts customers in control and avoids that they are wasting their time.

The benefit for mobile operators is clear, the customer experience is rated higher because of the quick resolution of the problem. While the positive visit to the operator website opens up new opportunities to present VAS and promotions to the customer.  

Videlica2Understand the new customer journey better

In most cases, customers will have first visited the operator’s website or the app before they end up in a call centre queue. So a call centre call is mostly a result of a failed self-service journey.

Providing online troubleshooters and tutorials on all customer touch-points prevents much of the call center traffic. When customers do call, operators should make sure that they tackle call queues to avoid that customers move to a competitor. 

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