April 27th, 2015 marked the rebranding of one of the major players in the Swiss Telco-market: Salt. Salt was previously operating under the brand Orange Switzerland, and now under a new name, logo and identity taking its place in the mobile market in Switzerland. Salt is convinced that life is becoming more mobile than ever, and therefore focus on making innovative offers to their customers. Think about the 6 Week Return Guarantee, the Salt Pack or the Pass.

Qelp is Salt’s partner for offering a wide range of  self-service applications to their customers, including tutorials, troubleshooters, and on-device diagnostics. Salt has invested in the development of digital selfservice for various channels, such as their website, call centers, retail centers and the Salt mobile app.

Salt underlines the need for mid-sized mobile operators to consider digital self-service as the ultimate channel for client support in the future. Mobile operators need to be present at all moments within the customer journey of a consumer, making sure to never disappoint them. 

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